Tricone Consortium provides the following services for public and private clients :

Master Planning

Master planning requires detailed analysis and sequencing for the phases and completion of every project. Typically, a master plan begins with the project objectives and elaborates them with physical requirements, client needs a budget, schedule, and material considerations. Our team employs a work-task sequence that results in a complete and fully functioning project.


Our architectural team takes an analytical approach to each and every project, challenging preconceptions and combining experience with expertise and innovative imagination to produce solutions which are aesthetically pleasing whilst being practical and wholly appropriate for the purposes our clients' commission to us to design and procure projects. We believe that the best results are achieved by a close working relationship with our clients and other parties necessary for the proper processing of the projects whereby challenges are resolved collectively and expeditiously. Our purpose is to create solutions and to deliver facilities with which the client and the members of Tricone Consortium are proud to have been involved and those who use the facilities, enjoy the experience.


Engineering encompasses a wide variety of related disciplines. Tricone Consortium provides superior and comprehensive engineering services, including:

Preliminary Engineering involves concept and scheduling development, process flow diagrams, equipment selection and layouts, building conceptual design, structure type, design options and capital cost estimates.

Detailed Engineering encompasses the design and configuration of various engineering systems that form the internal workings of a facility.

Engineering QA/QC. To ensure outstanding quality at all steps within a project, we build quality assurance and quality control into a project through staffing, concept peer review, document checks, mentoring and independent project review.

Value Engineering. We find the most economical, fastest, and best way to accomplish each task or procurement throughout the project.

3D Digital Modeling effectively demonstrates most aspects of a project or the impact of changes in immediate, easily understood images.

Pre-construction and Procurement

An initial investment in preconstruction planning can yield significant cost savings, enhance quality, improve constructibility and increase schedule efficiency. It can also help minimize the need for redesign by identifying construction issues early and collaborating with architects and engineers in developing solutions. During the preconstruction planning process, our team also identifies any needs for early procurement of equipment and materials with long lead times, not only to ensure that the schedule is met, but also to reduce costs. Recommendations may be made for achieving the best value for materials or for minimizing trade interdependencies and the effects of site and weather conditions.


Tricone Consortium provides responsive, cost-effective, quality construction and site work infrastructure services for complex projects. By utilizing our unique skillset and proactive approach, it is our mission to help each client with their construction project from conception to completion.

Our project management personnel are thoroughly cross-trained in all construction-related services. They can be called upon at any stage of a project to deliver valuable decision-making input. At every stage of a project, our management teams are supported by in-house specialists in areas such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety review and coordination, historical cost data management, cost engineering, scheduling, safety/risk management, and sustainable construction. Therefore our experience with simple to complex structures over the years allows us to undertake the responsibility for projects of varied sizes. We are proud that our consistent performance has led to successful completion of projects in time to clients' expectations.

Project Management

Each client benefits from the many years of experience of Tricone Consortium. Our project management professionals take responsibility for designing and/or building massive and complex construction projects.

We begin with a detailed proposal that captures their efficient and effective strategies to maximize and monitor each project. We monitor critical paths, and plan all phases of engineering procurement and construction.


Commissioning is a systematic and documented process of ensuring that specific building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and owner's operational needs. Ideally, the commissioning process will begin in the design phase, with a review of the design intent and constructibility / maintainability issues. The process then continues through the construction and acceptance phases with submittal review and documented verification of proper systems installation and functional performance. Typically, commissioning then concludes with O&M manual review and verification of operator training, and may include additional support through the warranty period.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Standard figures show that only 25% of property related expenditure is incurred during design and construction activities. The remaining 75% is spent over the lifetime of the building on maintenance, energy capital replacement, refurbishment and minor works.

Tricone Consortium understands a building owner's financial commitment and offers exciting new services that focus on long-term maintenance and operational efficiency of a building. These services will focus upon building lifecycle performance, economic return and all building factors that have a critical impact upon the performance of the building owner's business. Life cycle performance and economic return; all building factors that have a critical impact upon the building owner's business will be Tricone's priority.

Over the years, Tricone Consortium:

  • worked on more than 23,500 projects
  • developed master plan and designs for terminals in over 15 International Airports
  • applied design concepts for over 90 diverse cultural and landmark restoration projects
  • designed innovative engineering systems for new office construction, exceeding 200 million square feet
  • provided engineering designs for retail spaces exceeding 20 million square feet
  • currently own and developing over 8 million square foot Airport City next to Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, USA